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Arch. Sandro SERGI & Eng. Luca ANDREONI

The long-term collaboration between the architecture and interior design firm “Studio Sergi” and the engineering and management firm “Piazza Martiri 7” by Eng. Luca Andreoni, find full expression and completeness in PM7 associate studio.

Within this studio converge the architectural expertise offered by Studio Sergi, which since 1983 deals with landscape design, architecture and interior design, and more than ten years of experience in works management, project management and technical consultancy of Piazza Martiri 7 team.

In recent years, several projects have been completed for hotel, residential and retail facilities located throughout the world, in Sardinia and in different parts of Italy, in Egypt, Albania and Brazil, combining the design choices with the idea of modernity and essence of the place.

The design is carried out by levels, starting from the masterplan and the architectural scale, passing through interior design and furniture design, always joining and enhancing the colours, the materials and the spot soul.

The PM7 associate studio is the culmination of a profitable and long collaboration that offers a turnkey solution, complete, unique and coordinated for the evaluation, analysis, design and construction of hotels, resorts and accommodation, residential, retail and public works.


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Eng. Franco Rocca
Eng. Diego Palmas
Eng. Roberto Porrà (Tecnica Prove SRL)
Eng. Cristina Porcu
Arch. Alberto Palmas

Ing. Luca Tagliaferro
Ind. Exp. Gavino Manai

Doct. Maurizio Nieddu

Acoustic and thermal consultancy
Eng. Alberto Collu

Eng. Maria Sias
Sergio Sergi
Lucio Sergi
Eng. Benedetto Crabolu
Surv. Maurizio Loche
Surv. Andrea Masala
Arch. Sebastiano Maimone
Arch. Claudia Manunta
Arch. Michela Poddi
Doct. Geol. Mauro Pompei
Doct. Agr. Raimondo Congiu
Laila Capitini


The team manages and controls every phase of the project, starting from the feasibility study up to inauguration. Our experience allows us to complete the entire process or, if the client requests it, to assist him or other technicians only in the most delicate task for which they need our advice.

Analysis and evaluation

Our technicians carry out the preliminary feasibility study, collecting and processing the client’s needs and preferences. They evaluate through a due diligence the regulatory, technological and structural state of the building.
Once the intervention has been defined, we take care of the preparation of all the necessary registry for any type of building intervention, evaluating different condition like energetic and hygienic-sanitary.


The study and work experience of our professionals ensures maximum attention to all aspects of integrated design: architectural composition, construction technology, choice of materials and details.
We face the design process on all scales, from the masterplan, landscape, architecture, interior design to the detail of the furniture design.
We offer the opportunity to produce a preview of the idea in 3D format, with render and videos placed in the real context.

Technical consultancy

We offer a complete technical consultancy service on all aspects of the design and executive process, which concern construction, structures, lighting technology and thermal, acoustic and energy aspects.
Depending on the complexity of the work, we take advantage of the assistance of other professional figures for the support on individual processes, while maintaining responsibility for coordination and supervision.

Construction and management

The studio handles work management activities, on behalf of public and private clients, for new construction, building renovation, restoration and refurbishment. We check and coordinate technical accounting, administrative and safety control, during the design and execution phases. The professional figures make available their skills for supervision of construction, structural, plant and technological works.

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